For reasons unknown..

It felt dark and darker even with the lights bright

it felt silent and quite even in the traffic at the traffic lights

she was miserable and quite quiet

and knew that something was not all that right.

When suddenly a star saw her sad and whispered to destiny

“Let this girl see what she desires”

Next day, for reasons unknown to her, her excitement knew no bounds

she got up in a good mood and marched to college

wished everybody a good day and knew herself her day was good

But as the day came to a close, felt miserably sad again

Now the star did not know what to do and went to destiny again

to whom destiny replied, “I gave her a day she will always remember,

I gave her a memory to let go of her slumber,

Now all she has to do is learn from this,

and live in the reminiscence of the bygone time

OR take this as an idea and re- create the magic and once again SHINE


your chance to express(edD)

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