Her inquisitiveness..

And while the train moved on its track
A little girl with two neat braids sat with her legs crossed and looked outside
She kept mum for a while, but as the train crossed several miles,
It was as if her mind was in a muzzle
She asked her mother a question, then the second, and the third and just did not stop
Her mother called her google, laughed at her, but was proud of the inquisitive mind
And then this went on for a while- her questions, the mother’s answers
But then the mother lost her patience and went to sleep
The girl then took this as the answer to the last question and also fell asleep.
The question? Well, it was- ‘what is the best thing to do if someone treads on my rights?’
Yes! The girl took the answer as ‘stay quiet and go to sleep!!
Oh what a LESSON!!


your chance to express(edD)

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