And as time pushed itself away from the myriad problems it daily countered

she thought her problems were over and her mind was free

her days were now happy, gleeful and almost certainly, everything was carefree

she went for long walks by the beach, saw the waves and noticed how high they reached

So in her mind she was sorted out, but her heart only thumped out loud

Day one, then two, then three, she was happy happy and happppyy!

then suddenly one day, the happiness went out

she went on the street and stared at the crowd

She asked herself, of what was she so proud??

She suddenly felt alone, wanted to cry out loud

But pat said her mind to her, “be patient and don’t worry,

You are only little and your speech still slurry

What is it then that you become so sad about?”

The girl did not have an answer and only blushed

Her mind in a haze, her ideas flushed

And then the blushing girl crossed the road

Walked faster and faster till she slowed

Her only worry being that she didn’t have an ANSWER!!


your chance to express(edD)

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