A tunnel and the lights

tunnel 13

The guiding light in the long dark tunnel,

it guided her towards the happy ending.

It guided, she followed

never once worrying where it was leading her, completely blinded by the brighness.

Her head blank, all ready to absorb the instructions,

She laughed at others as they didn’t follow that light

And as she reached the end of the tunnel now,

she realised that she should have contemplated on her options herself

she should have learnt from examples around her,

because her light was not the only option.

Everybody else chose the other option that she did not,

So her wrong choice lead her this way.

And as she saw the others happy at the end of their tunnels,

She wondered and wondered again, was it really required?

All the ideals of her guiding light?

Others’ experience was good for them, but should she have also followed those lights too?

and she learnt from this and decided for future-

‘Say whatever your guiding light,

Always follow your instinct and your heart and experiment.

Because playing safe is the easiest thing to do

but playing tough and experimenting is what will lead you to SUCCESS.’


your chance to express(edD)

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