Soup of emotions

Once again there was a doubt
Once again a haze
Today when she was confused,
she was amazed.
Her confusion had no name
Her actions felt lame.
So today instead of feeling lost,
she chose to interospect.
She thought of people around her
And how this presence affected her
She thought of people in her past
And how their absence hollowed her
She thanked her stars for lighting up her life
They kept her busy, much to her delight
She regretted hurting that cat on the road
She blushed when thinking of that guy by the board
She was sorry for the belittling gossip
She felt cold about a rotten friendship
All in all she realised-
Her emotions were her matter of pride
Situations gave her a reason to think
Thinking lead to weighing of twiddlings
And now as she thought and simultaneously weighed,
today for a change she felt GREAT.


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