Her Cupboard!

Cupboard with stuff

She opened the cupboard when she moved in the apartment,

was happy to see the elaborate partitions, some big- some small.

The interiors of the cupboard were fancily divided,

to acccomodate her life, her clothes, her all.

She started arranging and unpacking

And set the shelves all beautifully.

Was happy to see so much space,

And finished arranging her stuff tactfully.

Today its three years from that day,

and as she opens her almirah to pull out a pair of socks,

she can’t find anything right, its all wrong,

mixed up and just a view of messy blocks.

She had mixed up everything during the last three years

not one thing where it originally was.

Now everything was in the form of a ball of things

all beauty gone, all cleanliness taken wings.

She sat down panting and still looking,

looked around, wondered and started deliberating.

Her life, she felt,  was like her cupboard-

She started out fresh, sorted & arranged,

Yet, today all systems were mis- wired & un- addressed.

Items of one compartment were in the other,

Items of another compartment were nowhere either.

And as she looked for at least one of the socks of the pair,

She found her life stand right there, glaring at her and give her its cold STARE!



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