Soup of emotions

Once again there was a doubt
Once again a haze
Today when she was confused,
she was amazed.
Her confusion had no name
Her actions felt lame.
So today instead of feeling lost,
she chose to interospect.
She thought of people around her
And how this presence affected her
She thought of people in her past
And how their absence hollowed her
She thanked her stars for lighting up her life
They kept her busy, much to her delight
She regretted hurting that cat on the road
She blushed when thinking of that guy by the board
She was sorry for the belittling gossip
She felt cold about a rotten friendship
All in all she realised-
Her emotions were her matter of pride
Situations gave her a reason to think
Thinking lead to weighing of twiddlings
And now as she thought and simultaneously weighed,
today for a change she felt GREAT.



A situation.

She landed herself in a situation one day
A situation very bad it was
She couldn’t talk about it to anybody
But she knew that very correct her stand was.
She cried, she yearned, she more than one times even got lost.
But there was no relief!!
And then one day everything went numb.
She suddenly stopped feeling it all.
Because, she realised- nobody wanted to hear her.
And that day, she chose to GIVE UP.


Pain in the laughter

That day she didn’t cry
Because her tears had all dried up
That day she went over the board
And laughed instead
Her laughter today had a hint of pain
The pain today made her laugh
For all that was said, heard, laughed about & was painful
had all been done at once.
And today, after such a rage of emotions,
She couldn’t BREATHE!!


A way to the way?

There has to be a way out of this,
A way around it too.
A way that goes through the problem
And still comes out clean as dry glue.
A way you showed me,
A way you were shown.
The way we always and forever talked about
The way on which we were thrown.
I see the way now,
I’m glad to see it.
I feel the way now,
I hoped to feel it.
Whether correct or wrong,
I thank THEE for,
its the way I see it & its the way I feel IT.


By the river

That day she wore a Kanjivaram Saree
And sat on a rock by the river
The water in the river roared and foamed
running to and forth and up and hither.
She was lost in her thoughts and was staring at it go
Just then a passer-by noticed that,
this woman in a rather strange get up
Had her eyes blank and spirits low.
He chose a rock a little away from that rock and seated himself there
And from a distance decided to sit and stare.
The woman played with her hair and was very restless
When suddenly out of nowhere,
a sparrow came to the river and dipped its beak to take a sip
Then it wetted its feathers and fluttered so to sprinkle water everywhere
The pretty girl saw this all and then saw the bird fly away
Suddenly there was lot of joy on her face.
The stranger surprised, walked to her and asked the reason for the sudden change in emotions
The girl stood up and replied with humbleness and grace-
‘Oh dear friend you ask so I tell,
This sparrow I just saw enjoying itself is quite an extinct animal in the city
This day when I was sad about my own life,
it came along and taught me a nitty grittie
It taught me that you may not be liked by somebody and at some place
And may be even thrown out of life by some,
But far far away or somewhere just near
Look and you’ll find at least one person
who likes you and understands that you too are AWESOME.’


A tunnel and the lights

tunnel 13

The guiding light in the long dark tunnel,

it guided her towards the happy ending.

It guided, she followed

never once worrying where it was leading her, completely blinded by the brighness.

Her head blank, all ready to absorb the instructions,

She laughed at others as they didn’t follow that light

And as she reached the end of the tunnel now,

she realised that she should have contemplated on her options herself

she should have learnt from examples around her,

because her light was not the only option.

Everybody else chose the other option that she did not,

So her wrong choice lead her this way.

And as she saw the others happy at the end of their tunnels,

She wondered and wondered again, was it really required?

All the ideals of her guiding light?

Others’ experience was good for them, but should she have also followed those lights too?

and she learnt from this and decided for future-

‘Say whatever your guiding light,

Always follow your instinct and your heart and experiment.

Because playing safe is the easiest thing to do

but playing tough and experimenting is what will lead you to SUCCESS.’



Her ubiquitous mind was everywhere at once

So much so that her presence didn’t matter

And she was scattered, her mind numb

As she mindlessly continued her chitter chatter

His head tried to analyse this state of mind

But could not connect the dots

She was a mystery to him, the hidden pandora

a small pea in a big big pod.

And as he playfully analysed the girl and the mood,

he couldn’t help but notice

the sadness behind the smile, the pain behind the pleasure

and the mystery was like a blue lotus.

But just as he went to her and started talking,

he faced a bewildering situation,

the girl who was like a blue lotus,

was now more than just an INFATUATION 🙂



She kept contemplating about what was to come,
her apprehensions overpowering her present.
Her mind mindlessly broke her soul,
the pain in her heart- incessant.
And though her present was as happy as could be,
She couldn’t let go of her past.
And though her past was as good as could be,
She hoped her present would LAST.