A strong current of water,
A high tide from the sea,
A mighty big animal,
And a giant fantasy.
All of these may be simple things,
But manage to scare one or the other in their own way.
They’ve changed many a lives,
But do they realise that not many like their ways?
Or maybe they were right too,
But only they had their reasons to be harsh.
One did not see the force behind the strong current
One did not see the anger of the under currents.
The mighty big animal was just laughed at for being big,
The fantasy was the imagination of a small ached kid.
In life, the reasons of two persons may not match,
But that does not make one view good and the other view bad.
Sometimes I like a thing without a reason too,
But that doesn’t mean I don’t care or think about things as much as you do.
You think your way, and I think mine,
But isn’t that actually good, coz we end up seeing the picture from all ends of the line?
My reason-ability is my perception of things,
And while I have high regard for your sense of reason,
I appreciate that my reasons have a reason TOO.


your chance to express(edD)

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