The joy of an innocent smile

A baby smiles not knowing the complications of life
A baby smiles not knowing the future of time
He smiles not knowing his pain, his day
He smiles enjoying the game he plays.
My smile I wish was just like a baby’s-
Unaffected, unmatched, happy and chirpy.
Relaxing, yet draining, yet long and worthy.
I play, I tire, I retire
I sing, I dance, my wings catch fire.
I smile, I laugh, I curtly give gestures
I still can’t manage a smile so I just let her be.
Oh smile! Be kind, be effortless
Be good, stay forever, so evil times may hurt less.
Dear baby, please teach me, and guide me so your smile inspires me,
Coz a smile lights up the world, it makes you shine, spreads joy and sometimes leads to a better DESTINY.


your chance to express(edD)

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