In the crowd.

As each minute pulls her back,
She struggles more and takes one step forward.
As each second retaliates with pressure,
She shouts loud and pressurises even more.

Her story, an untold epic,
Is as if ready to be immortalized.
Her story, a charter unexplored,
Is now as if raw and exposed.

She uses her strength and understanding,
To disagree with what is told.
She portrays her denial in all manners,
And vows with ideas untold.

Her voice she realises is too small to be heard,
The crowd she realises- too big to notice.
So she decides to grow and grow some more,
Till she gets bigger than that crowd.

But then she realises that,
That crowd is not the only one.
The crowds more than one,
All bite into her flesh.

So she calms down a little
And gives her thoughts some rest.
She decides to start afresh,
This time in some other location.

The story same,
She grows restless there too.
Changes her stand,
Comes to a conclusion after thinking it through.

She’s alone and so the crowd instigates her,
The crowd is big and so she feels alone.
They are many, and she only one.
She starts looking  for a solution (and maybe she knows it too)

After nights of deliberation but no conclusion,
She concludes there is only one way.
She’ll close her eyes and go to sleep,
And wake up next morning, hoping it to be a BETTER DAY.



Calender of days.

As each day passes,
One more day is added to the calender.
The page becomes a yesterday page,
And yet memories remain intact, right there.

Sometimes she wants to hold on to that day,
Sometimes she can’t wait for it to go.
Yet each day does go away,
Immaterial of her choice for its length of stay.

She, jolted, realises this truth,
And keeps the calendar back on the table.
Turns the page yet again,
And welcomes the next day, hoping it will be better than her last BAD DAY.


Kept her busy.

That paper she read everyday,
She re-read it again each day,
But still couldn’t remember the contents.

That photo she saw every morning,
She dreamt of it every night,
But still needed to physically see it to put to rest her plight.

Her ideas- she stringed them together,
Put them to test,
And decided to challenge the best with them.

Her memories- she made a story of them,
Put them in words, weaved them together,
And told it to all in the rem.

Her life- she wanted to document it in a book,
Put it out for all to read,
And re- read it herself so learn lessons from it.

The paper, the dream, the idea, the memories,
She wished were more organised, she hoped did not have crease.
And yet she knew that it all put together,
Alone made the life a challenge, alone kept her BUSY.


Squares and rounds.

One of those days
When you look for support.
One of those days
When words fall short of description.

One of those passions
That are short of desire.
One of those patterns
That have no design.

One of those squares
In which a circle won’t fit.
One of those circles
In which a square is made to fit.

Such and such is life,
A mess of squares, circles, rounds and boundaries.
She’ll break them all
One day, SOME DAY.



Her heart just kept floating to lands far away,
She sung many songs and heard herself pray.

She chanted, she chanted,
She chanted some more.
She thought, she thought,
She kept thinking more.

She prayed to God to give her strength,
To make her fall in love once again.
For her heart for now was stuck on one,
Her emotions for now refused to stand the pain.

The misfortune, the pain,
The pain of loss, loss disdain.

She shouted, she shouted,
She shouted out loud.
But nobody could still hear her,
She wondered how.

And even as so many questions she asked to all,
No one answered her at all.
She rested her case, her questions, her all,
And minded her step lest she’d FALL?


Expressedd- now 1000 visits old!!

Dear Readers,

It takes the performer as well as the audience to make the show a win!! Today as this blog crosses a 1000 views in just about 2 months, I can’t thank the readers enough for making it happen. It is indeed heartening to see viewers from all parts of the world visiting my blog and enjoying the expressions I express in and sometimes leaving their thoughts behind in the form of comments.

The distant blogger whose blog I was in awe of, the old grandma who started her blog only to teach cooking, the bored mom who finds pleasure in blogging while she takes care of her children, and many other bloggers inspired by the littles of their lives, have visited my blog and inspired me more to write, to express.

So thank you all for making my blog reach its MAGIC NUMBER 1000

Keep reading (not to forget, keep expressing too 🙂 coz each expression matters!!


Stuti (the expression-ist)


There was pain in her eyes,
But no one could see it.
There was pain in her thoughts,
But no one could feel it.

She stared at the people around her,
Muzzling like a million bees at once.
She stared into the space around her,
Suddenly making her feet cold.
She found herself in a precarious position,
And feeling weak at the drop of a hat.
She felt betrayed but as if for no reason,
And knew there was no reason to be glad.
Overwhelmed, she wanted to cry,
But could not really.
Emotionally deflated, she wanted peace,
But could not find it really.

She trembled at the thought of smile,
Yes, that much did it scare her.
She shivered at the thought of joy,
A wonder, the thought could even strike her.

So instead she chose to close her eyes,
And imagine happiness, contentment and peace.
Because really only there and there alone,
Did the concept exist, did she feel comfortable, did she feel AT EASE.



And as the chaos in her cupboard was cleared,
There was a magical change in her thought process also.
It was as if the two activities bore a natural nexus,
It was as if the cupboard was like her mind too.

She opened her cupboard one night,
Not able to find what she wanted.
She did not have the time to clear it out then,
But the thought in her mind continuously daunted.

Having set out a time and agenda for the activity,
She now kept postponing it for the umpteenth time.
Having decided to steer the confusion away,
Her mind refused to give her the time.

Determined one holiday,
She set out to clean it all.
It took the whole day and night,
But she could finally clear it all.

And now when it was done,
She could suddenly also breathe with her mind.
She could feel the lightness and some clarity,
She could now easily unwind.

Such is the drama of life dear readers,
The mess in one arena of lifescape clutters the other.
As much as one may try to watertight compartmentalize,
All is mixed hither skither.

So instead of letting it mix,
Of only imagining a better world with vacuum and boundaries,
She decided to and so must all,
De- clutter, re-organize, re- arrange and tidy up,
What exists and is the present,
So there is peace of mind, body, thoughts and OVERALL.