And as the chaos in her cupboard was cleared,
There was a magical change in her thought process also.
It was as if the two activities bore a natural nexus,
It was as if the cupboard was like her mind too.

She opened her cupboard one night,
Not able to find what she wanted.
She did not have the time to clear it out then,
But the thought in her mind continuously daunted.

Having set out a time and agenda for the activity,
She now kept postponing it for the umpteenth time.
Having decided to steer the confusion away,
Her mind refused to give her the time.

Determined one holiday,
She set out to clean it all.
It took the whole day and night,
But she could finally clear it all.

And now when it was done,
She could suddenly also breathe with her mind.
She could feel the lightness and some clarity,
She could now easily unwind.

Such is the drama of life dear readers,
The mess in one arena of lifescape clutters the other.
As much as one may try to watertight compartmentalize,
All is mixed hither skither.

So instead of letting it mix,
Of only imagining a better world with vacuum and boundaries,
She decided to and so must all,
De- clutter, re-organize, re- arrange and tidy up,
What exists and is the present,
So there is peace of mind, body, thoughts and OVERALL.



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