There was pain in her eyes,
But no one could see it.
There was pain in her thoughts,
But no one could feel it.

She stared at the people around her,
Muzzling like a million bees at once.
She stared into the space around her,
Suddenly making her feet cold.
She found herself in a precarious position,
And feeling weak at the drop of a hat.
She felt betrayed but as if for no reason,
And knew there was no reason to be glad.
Overwhelmed, she wanted to cry,
But could not really.
Emotionally deflated, she wanted peace,
But could not find it really.

She trembled at the thought of smile,
Yes, that much did it scare her.
She shivered at the thought of joy,
A wonder, the thought could even strike her.

So instead she chose to close her eyes,
And imagine happiness, contentment and peace.
Because really only there and there alone,
Did the concept exist, did she feel comfortable, did she feel AT EASE.



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