How the bird saw it..

That bird, it chose a window,
A window of the room of a girl,
The bird, she saw pain in her eyes,
The girl but otherwise looked normal.

The girl, she spent her exp laughing all day,
And nights she cried profusely.
The bird was confused thoroughly,
She did not understand the joy or the tragedy.

The girl was a pretty lass,
Enjoying her life until,
She met him, saw him there,
And became friends and then lost her will.

The girl, she sang beautifully,
Wonderfully she worked out.
But depressed inside she was,
And no one about it she told.

The bird, it wished,
It could spread some joy in her life.
The girl unaware,
Still laughed all day and cried at night.

She failed to understand
That all she wanted was not available for all,
But then she did see it with all the others,
And the bird also thought her void was unjustified after all.

So the next day onwards,
The bird also lost her chirp,
And started to quack instead?!
This,  the girl, she noticed, and at it she stared.

Just an eye contact between the two,
And nothing else between them.
Some magic just happened,
Now both of their problems came to an end.

Now the girl used to be happy all day,
And she smiled at night too.
The bird. Now wondered how this happened,
And how its wishes came true.

In a secret conversation with God,
The bird then tried to understand it all.
Turns out, God actually had intervened,
And snatched the girl of her emotions,
For there was no other way,
To treat such people, who had fallen in love and stopped to FUNCTION.


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