Some days dull.

Some people special,
Others not so much.
Both combined,
Formed her world.

Her life a maze of roads,
She carefully decided what she chose.
A left turn here, a right turn there,
She gaped for air, she didn’t want more.

Her zest for life, a picture colourful,
She somehow saw it black and white.
Her colours in life, more than many,
The only she saw were grey and light.

Some days happy,
Some days dull.
She hated mostly all,
Only loved some special.

Then one day she promised herself,
Not to pursue her dream.
It was difficult very after that,
After she let that one dream go.

But then suddenly just like the change of weather
One day everything got better (and she didn’t know how!)
She felt much eased, her pain was gone,
And then her heart felt LIGHTER.


your chance to express(edD)

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