No win.

I make an effort,
I would have made two.
You made no effort,
Your effort would have been good too.

I close my eyes,
I wish for good.
I prayed out loud,
When alone I stood.

They cursed me,
They were bad to me.
I could not neglect them,
I was not so free.

Now I stop the feeling from sinking in,
My head but feels heavy.
I only want to walk by the sea,
Only breathe, I don’t want to WIN.




Situationally yours,
Perhaps not emotionally?
Looking for a perfection,
Perhaps will never get any?

The only antidote
Working away its magic
Is probably the
Hope of better, the high of dreams.

I look out and see the green,
Turn around and face the grey.
Ever wishing it was the other way round,
Still not praying night and day.

Then I think of all the other possibilities
And reminiscence-
In the glory of a good time,
In the hush of a bad past.

And finally when I’m woken up
I shiver and cry a little,
But then I gather up and return to-
My comfort of the sloppy, the alone, the pride, the NOTHING.



A feeling new
A feeling of new
Something that scared her
With each minute confusion grew.

Was she happy?
She didn’t know
Scared but
She was for sure

She could dance
But for no reason
Smile wide
With nothing particular in vision

Her head spinned each minute
With ideas so many
Too many things to deliberate
She could not concentrate on any

The feeling new
The feeling of the new
She felt good today
And prayed for many such more TOO.