An eye,
Too small to contain a tear.
A hand,
Too shaky to guide her anywhere.

A promise,
Tall and tough to keep.
A feeling,
Suppressed, and loud, yet steep.

Her life,
A road of rocky hills.
But then all lives,
Hilly, and rocky and built to kill.

All perceptions,
Leading to different conclusions.
The eye, the hand, the promise, the feeling,
All meant to make her shine, but today only a DELUSIONARY DIVERSION.



A solution to love..

Never mind the tears,
She’ll handle them all.
Never mind the smile,
Her heart doesn’t melt so at all.

Never mind the failure,
She’s too hard to be broken.
Success on her mind,
The smalls she considers forgotten.

Never mind the speed breakers,
They slow her speed, not her determination.
She jumps over some, trips over others,
But in the end, aligns her ideas with her inclination.

She’s gotten past most and many smalls,
The bigs she fears not.
It’s only love that scares her now,
For there doesn’t exist a solution for that- not then, NOT NOW.


A bump.

She walked high that day,
In a flurry of some newly acquired confidence.
Sweet smile on that face,
Eyes still intense.

So on and on she marched,
Secretly worrying about that little hiccup,
Pampering her soul with newer ideas,
Her speed each second picking up

But then suddenly she hit a little stone,
And bruised herself some.
A very small bump this was,
But it did leave her numb.

It had shaken her back to her present,
The confidence gone, no pretense.
And now tears in the eyes replaced the smile,
As if accusing her own self for being happy, for being CONFIDENT.