The highs and the lows
She saw them all go
Past lengths and breadths
As hollow threats

She sailed through the turmoils
Danced through the winds
Picked up fights for no reason
Only to calm her within

She cried to laugh
And laughed at sadness
Attempting to be at least touched by
That dash of love, that pain of madness

She made a plan
Called it something too
Followed it religiously
Unlike the other few

But something still didn’t strike the chord
The notes still did not so fit
Life had sadly managed to suck life out of her
Little by little, BIT BY BIT.




That man who came to the restaurant the other day,
Made her think about life.
These little everyday moments,
Actually reflected majors and aggravated her plight.

He came for dinner with family of four,
To this diner not famous for anything really, but plain and old.
He asked his son where he could get water to drink,
Who routinely pointed towards the water cooler in one direction next to the kitchen.

As that seemed something she could easily skip,
She got busy with her food and chat.
But suddenly noticed some further progress
In that story of the son and the dad.

The father filled one glass with water and drank it up,
Then picked up another two,
Filled them up with water,
And started walking towards that table of his crew.

Two minutes later she saw him walk back to the cooler,
And fill yet another two glasses of water.
He took them back to his family’s table and sat back again to join in,
That old man with the greying hair, a son and a daughter.

This man left her amazed and impressed,
She could see what responsibility meant,
Two generations in the same family,
Treated their family in two very different manners without any particular intent.

The old man she saw, took it as his responsibility,
To effortlessly love his loved ones and take care of them.
Despite his age, walked the extra steps so his family didn’t have to wait for water.
She learnt a lesson that day, igniting again a mental mayhem.

To love may be an exercise in itself,
But where love is natural, it is effortless.
Saluting the spirit of those who have genuinely loved somebody,
She hoped she would one day be in love too- unconditionally, effortlessly, RESPONSIBLY.



A thought then crossed her mind,
She wished she could go back.
A wish then marred her heart,
She hoped for that spark.

That little girl in the garden,
She didn’t know what she wanted.
She hopped, and skipped,
Her happiness, her youth, as if she flaunted.

It so happened that one day she suddenly grew,
Surprisingly knowing it all too!!
That garden no longer somehow existed,
Her wishful fancies, now pricked and twisted.

She looked for a reason,
So all the change would make sense.
And despite all the practice of trying to be reasonable,
Found it all pretense.

So more and more she tried to interpret,
This riddle, this situation.
Each time sadly failing miserably,
And yet went on christening better explanations.

And then finally it struck her,
Why she couldn’t so far think straight.
First happy then sad, she was glad to know,
It was her own prejudices that shadowed her reason and HER FATE.