She dared some dares,
Not just for the sake of it.
She spoke some truths,
Those probably only for the sake of it.

She had a voice,
And she intended to use it loud.
But not just in a moment of unthought hurry,
She wanted it to be a meaningful spur, not just a hollow growl.

She calculated all her moves to be right,
Still played along sometimes.
Her misses genuine, her targets sure,
She now needed a plan to get past the gaps and the frights.

Only one thing she could not beat-
That thing called ‘love’, that thing called ‘care’.
For even though it may seem otherwise and sometimes one may so make it seem,
It made her face it all around, in a colour greener than the GREENEST GREEN.



6 thoughts on “Green.

      • Baffles science enthusiasts like me. Last time I let myself trust another human being, almost became a buddhist monk πŸ˜‰
        “Manzilein aur bhi hain”, remarked one of my favourite Urdu poet of all times when asked about love.

      • Well, in my opinion, if science is stopping one from believing in love, its being taken in the wrong direction!! Both have their own meanings, their own importance, and their own place in this universe. I’m not telling you to take it to an ecstatic level, but loving in the right proportion isn’t violating the rules of science per se. Do tell me if you feel otherwise.

      • Welll… science teaches objectivity. Learning from experiences is science. Science bases itself on inductive methods. Put together, love does seem like an outdated concept in today’s world of facebook-likes and relationship-status.

        To make it worse, Freud said that we do not fall in love with someone but with an image- that we make on our own, with absolutely no obvious overlap with the real person- of our so-called-beloved. Taking it a bit further, I say: If it is just about me making up and image on my own while the person can be whatever she is: why not take out the person altogether. Would make life easier, and save all the energy that we waste πŸ˜‰

        Ours is a generation that was been led to believe in all what-you-pass-off-as-love. But when you stretch your limits a bit, like we did back in high school mathematics, there is nothing worth all that we spent a lot of mobile-talktime upon πŸ˜€

        PS- Apologies, if I stepped on some weak nerve.

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