Mono-syllable conversation.

A ‘yes’, and then a ‘no’,
A smile, and a whiny nod.
A smirk, a hmph, a grin,
A misty situation, head in a spin.

She laughed, but kept mum,
They wondered why.
She agreed sometimes, but didn’t say so,
A smirk for a no, yes turns out, was that sudden glow.

She chanted something to herself,
Now and then in a funny tone.
But mostly kept to herself, smiling a little,
So what is it? Was she love smitten?

Her kohl laden eyes as if hid her emotions,
She as if wore a mask to hide.
But little did she know, that in a corner in that room,
There was a someone who actually understood her mono- syllable conversation, her situation, HER PLIGHT.


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