Planned or dreaded?

She smiled past the weird
And past the unexpected.
She let go of the funny
Never once feeling dull.

She had changed a little too much
All too suddenly.
Gradual as it had seemed to her
They hoped the change was not real.

She however, hoped to stay just that way
With no other agenda from there on.
Reason when asked, she remained mum
Offering no rhyme or explanation, just staying strong.

Life, as it had come to her,
Had been taking too many twists & turns of late.
But as always, she remained thankful and hopeful for more
For who knows, everything has a potential of ending better than the planned, and worse than THE DREADED !!

– Stuti


Laughing & Crying.

Fear of the unknown,
And knowledge of it killed her joy.
She knew what was approaching,
Given it all, all seemed a lie.

Laughter all around,
Artificial did it all seem.
Not an iota of genuineness,
It only sounded like some hollow scream.

And yet in this background,
She could hear some silent whisper- like sobbing.
Not too sure of what it was,
She tried to ignore this subtle hammering.

And yet after several attempts of trying to ignore it all,
When she could not so do,
She probed in further, shocking her shock,
For it was she herself, who was laughing on herself, and surprisingly, CRYING TOO!!


Mondo Bizarro.

Sad when happening,
Happy when not.
Mondo Bizarro situations,
Like it or not.

Irrational when rationality wanted,
Rational always after a bad blow.
Mondo Bizarro rationality,
For it makes you slow.

Inter- locking, inter- linking all over,
Everything webbed and crossing past the next.
Mondo Bizarro life,
Matters all knotted, like overwritten incorrigible text.

Love, Loved Ones, Care- Sometimes overrated,
Those who get these though, are truly gifted.
Mondo Bizarro Love,
Taking you through life, situations, rationality, through PARADOXES TINTED.

– Stuti


Through the clouds,
Tearing past the fog,
Like a shrill whistle,
Did the sun shine.

The light that day was dim,
The sun did not want to be loud,
There was mist everywhere,
All seemed gloomy without a doubt.

All was either grey, black or white,
No other colour seemed sound,
It was as if nature had been robbed of its tastes and color,
Mother Nature also sadly frowned.

Not even the colorful seemed to add colour,
Her eyes shallow, there was a lump in her throat,
For it was actually the air that was drab that day and nothing made sense,
Like an excited overseas parcel, but unseemingly containing only an EMPTY NOTE!

– Stuti

Aligning a confusion.

Four lines drawn haywire on a paper,
With also some arrows sprewed in.
Like a confused diagram almost,
But still a recipe written to win.

The lines were the rules,
The arrows directions.
But most intentfully not put together,
The lines, the arrows, some punctuations.

This seemed to be real life photograph,
Of life first hand.
An amateur had thrown in the raws,
Only to in fact make it look grand.

He had but missed the existing lines
Or did he want to play them all together?
And now as she strutted along in the picture,
She brought in her own circles, some lines and mixed them with the others.

So now what this paper was full of-
Were a mix of his shapes, her circles, their lines
And together they sat down,
To align these, and make a better sense of all these SIGNS.

– Stuti

Heart knew something.

A beaming face,
A beautiful smile.
Little shy, blushing red,
Brightness did it all around spread.

They wondered why but,
It seemed to them to be a first.
They’d seen happy people before,
But this one seemed worthy of the highest score.

So they probed further,
More in the nature of investigating the matter.
What was new? How was this different?
Situation odd, the pretty girl was only content.

Why then, what now?
There didn’t seem to be any answer.
Secretly, her heart knew something though,
Avoiding hiccups, it was the beginning of a process of taking LIFE SLOW.