Aligning a confusion.

Four lines drawn haywire on a paper,
With also some arrows sprewed in.
Like a confused diagram almost,
But still a recipe written to win.

The lines were the rules,
The arrows directions.
But most intentfully not put together,
The lines, the arrows, some punctuations.

This seemed to be real life photograph,
Of life first hand.
An amateur had thrown in the raws,
Only to in fact make it look grand.

He had but missed the existing lines
Or did he want to play them all together?
And now as she strutted along in the picture,
She brought in her own circles, some lines and mixed them with the others.

So now what this paper was full of-
Were a mix of his shapes, her circles, their lines
And together they sat down,
To align these, and make a better sense of all these SIGNS.

– Stuti


your chance to express(edD)

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