Peacefully in love.

One thing, then another,
There’ll always be something,
Where then can one find peace?

She had found her peace though,
In the loudest of things, as lousy as that was,
But that alone gave her solace.

No one had told her the real meaning of ‘peace’ yet,
So she knew the concept only vaguely,
But instinctively interpreted it most aptly. Appropriately.

So to her, noise was peace,
And peace gave her the frame to love,
And love made her a better person. PEACEFULLY IN LOVE.

– Stuti



The salt of the streaming tears,
Still remained on her face.
The wet of those tears,
Still dampened her stole.

And quite paradoxical to this all,
She hadn’t even cried that day.
It was only her soul all scathed,
That made her feel weak, and hurt.

As if taking a hint from around,
Life had suddenly decided to be cold and harsh.
No background, no past,
The present seemed gloomy, stung her heart.

Slowing down now, she took a deep breath,
Not quite knowing what to do next.
She closed her eyes, and sighing heavily, silently prayed for peace.
She hoped for comfort in this brazen winter- like hiccup tease.

But somewhere in her heart, and out of the corner of her eye,
She could already see a tiny ray of happiness- like warmth,
Making its way into this period of hiccup, promising to bring back the good times,
As it gave her solace, that she had gently once again, started her BEING – OPTIMISTIC STRIDE.


Twisted affairs.

Dreaming about it,
And then reaching there too.
Working for it,
Until the achievement becomes true.

She called them all-
Twisted affairs of luck.
Clashing, clinking, rattling along,
Each time acting hero, being a pluck.

Yet friends come along,
Making it all comfortable.
And also being the sole reason
Of discomfort, small talk, subtle battles, emotional tussle.

Calling this mess ‘salted bananas’,
She wishes she can put her mind to rest.
For thinking about it all is too much pressure,
Especially when facing them is a reason for ENOUGH STRESS.

– Stuti