Destiny, she’d once thought drove it all and always,
And now says he, we write our own, we only.
She’s giving it a thought, and trying to play the idea,
Whether or not writing it, taking responsibility.

Fate, karma, luck, eternity-
All words denoting a lifetime of choices.
Whether or not independent and unrelated,
Intertwined with destiny somehow, its offshoots, its voices.

The question now, is not necessarily destiny itself,
It is reason, of the thought, and the occurance.
The question also being, whether she is destined to understand the reason itself,
And whether reason in itself is strong enough to reach A CONSEQUENCE.

– Stuti


A new new.

Beginnings happen all the time,
And fancy they could be, not all though.
All beginnings but do not end,
Continuing until infinity they go.

For some that begin and end too,
She’s happy more than little.
For some that begin and no end they know,
It has the prick of a million needles.

For beginnings bring joy, and hope,
They set the ball rolling.
But also bring uncertainty and fear,
What if it did not turn out as much as it appeared promising?

She is setting out on this beginning nonetheless this time,
For this one she wants to see the end of.
The new new, the old now new, and the fairy tale new,
Disarrayed now though, seeing it through, she hopes for the LAST LAUGH.

– Stuti

Memories twitching.

Broken hearts have so many stories to tell,
And yet they are called ‘failed in love’.
She too had a story that did not end so happy,
And yet in itself was a happy one.

She penned the story in words somewhere,
And very beautifully that.
But tore it to pieces this one day,
Not wanting to keep the memories intact.

She’s happy now, albeit some revisiting now and then,
She’s at peace now, albeit some memories twitching.
They say what happens, happens for the best,
Well maybe then, and so be it, she’s out to lay those doubts TO REST.

– Stuti

She judged.

The promises she broke,
The opinion she had,
The options she explored,
Intense all, hypocrisies myriad.

She was judgmental,
And so se judged everybody.
She was temperamental,
And so she though she had the right to be moody.

She judged, as she sailed her life,
Wings left, wings right,
She maneuvered through the windy, blue and fast,
Opinionating on everything, sometimes fresh, sometimes trite.

Happy she was, for what she was,
Confusing sad she was, for what it was not.
Being judgmental has happened to her as a matter of habit,
So much so, that now she judged the judging too, LIKE IT OR NOT.

– Stuti


She felt like a puppet,
Not because everybody manipulated her.
There were reasons other,
None standard, yet all better than any other.

Her dreams were standard,
She didn’t hope for anything too fancy.
And so the pauses seemed faulty,
She hadn’t signed up for a ride so bouncy.

But life then questioned her very existence one day,
Asking, “When did I ever invite you over? Now handle it Miss!”
Taken aback, she was afraid that life was right,
She herself infact, was the reason of the bouncy and the plight.

It had started the same for everybody,
No plus, no minus, at the same level.
It was she herself who had made it the way it was for her today,
A puppet, a wishful dreamer, jolted, and each minute A FIGHTER.

– Stuti

Warring ends.

It was in her nature,
Her nature it was.
She smiled wide and felt it too,
Warmth, affections, happiness tossed.

She said what she meant,
Being meaningful about it.
Her genuineness, no attempt,
She was blessed to live this.

Only some things made life weird at times-
Foes, friends, strangers, surroundings.
She found it tough to tackle these, leaving her in distress,
Not being able to get past them, firefighting,  at WARRING ENDS.


The Last Evening.

It was the year a lot had happened
But she’d forgotten to maintain its accounts.
It was the year she’d vowed she’d end happy,
But she wasn’t keeping tabs.

2013 came, and went by just like that,
Adding another yester- year,
Adding another jingle to the memory,
Adding another chapter to the life story.

A lot had been achieved,
And yet so much more was up for grabs.
A lot had been missed,
And yet her achievements had received many claps.

Now she decided not to plan the next year,
She wanted it all spontaneous.
All surprises, no structure,
But milestones nonetheless, for these were the NECESSARY OBVIOUS.

– Stuti

New year resolutions.

She drafted THE MOST perfect resolutions,
Learnt them up, and then re-learnt them.
She recited them to herself everyday from the 28th of December to the 31st,
And vowed to implement them all right from the January 1st.

Realistic resolutions as much as they were,
There still remained some element of fiction in them.
But ignoring the element, in fact calling it the fun part,
She adopted the resolutions now etched in her heart.

Week One, she followed them all to the letter,
Week two, ditto week one.
Week three, some falter seen and felt,
Week four, the lapse mended and dealt.

Next month, the resolutions seemed too much to keep,
So she mellowed them down a bit.
Month three, the resolutions began to lose their meaning,
Last December, when writing her resolutions, it seemed she was dreaming!

It was a plan she’d planned to plan the next year well,
A strategy so the ends of everything were ideal.
But now she’d forgotten everything about it,
And life seemed in an even better fit 😉

Come December 2013, she once again made a resolution,
This time, to not repeat the drill of 2012.
This year she celebrates spontaneity, mixed with emotions and decorated with smiles,
She now sees that life as it is, is best lived in the moment, forgetting the phases when it wasn’t SO BRIGHT.

Happy New Year!!