Happiness and Joy!

This piece has been long due. A lot of people have time and again, asked me to write on ‘joy and happiness’. Though very subjective issues, people often categorize joy and happiness into one sphere of ‘good times’.

The thought of joy made her smile,
Joy meant happy for her.
We want joy, we want happy,
Happy and joy- emotions NUTTY!

One may be happy when one sees other happy people, but one may also get sad when one sees other happy people. Paradox? Sadism? Situations in life? None! Just frames of mind. Experiences in life. Your past. Your ex. Your present. Your hopes for the future. I don’t defy the logic of joy in any manner. I am totally ‘FOR’ happy situations and totally ‘FOR’ joy in people and life. But what I don’t agree with is the pinch that the joy and happy in one life makes  in other lives. Why can’t all joys be independent? Why does jealousy have to find its ways into the whole spectrum of happy emotions? Why does one negative emotion stand against all positive emotions, and ruin the vibes of positivity? Why are we, as smart intellectual beings (*sarcasm intended*), unable to bifurcate and keep separate, the emotions in our own life and separate them from those of others? Why do we mix things? Why do we confuse them? Why do we make a cocktail of them all, and then call it bad? So here go my thoughts on this-

‘Joy’ and ‘happiness’ are superficial concepts, relevant only to the lives of those to which they are happening. Efforts should be made to keep the others out of it; lest they jeopardize what it is. What should be sought is ‘peace’-  Peace of mind, peace of relations, and peace even in pain. Let’s be happy, or at least attempt it, but I’m not too sure about whether we should also spread the joy!

– Stuti


9 thoughts on “Happiness and Joy!

  1. Independent joys would make world such a joyful happy place 🙂 Not requiring any body to take care of anybody else’s happiness. Everyone will take care of their own. Just like the world being one huge “self service” diner.

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