What matters?

No, colour does not matter,
Yet she chose green.
No, moods do not matter,
And yet she chooses to be happy.

Yes, truth matters,
Yet she sometimes lies.
Yes, courage matters,
And yet fear there is some times.

No, company doesn’t matter,
Yet she chose a companion.
No, opinion didn’t matter,
And yet she all the time judges.

The battle of yes and no,
The tussle of right and wrong.
The answer will always be love,
Whether plainly that, or strung in a beautiful SONG!

– Stuti



She can shout when she wants,
But she chooses to be humble.
She can cry when she feels so,
But to smile does she choose.

She will sometimes pretend to not know,
Only because she knows that speaking will make YOU feel better.
She will sometimes pretend to not understand,
Only because she knows that taking care will make YOU comfortable.

A rock, a pillar, yet her cotton soft heart one can only admire,
A wall, so tall, she’ll guard you from all fire.
She’s pretty, sometimes not so much too, but strong all the time nonetheless,
Oh woman! You baffle all, being there for each one, despite your own MESSY MESS!

– Stuti

Her own style.

She put on a mask and carried on with her everyday,
Trying to be what it was supposed to be,
Vowing to be there with the seemingly ‘always- right’ gentry.

She wore a smile, and slapped on some lipstick,
Red, bright, confident, and twirly,
Heels high, thoughts windy.

It amazed her how comfortable people were with two faces at a go,
It amazed her even more that in just some time and going,
She was there too. Two faces. In her one being.

She had grown on it all, or had it all grown on her?
She had started enjoying it all, or was it enjoying her?
Her mask of the right (huh!). Her mask of the twirly.

And now when she is knee deep in this game of ‘I’m-here-to-prove-myself’,
She finds it tough to go back, and take off her make up,
And so she only wears a smile, and slaps on some more lipstick, and fights it all anyway. HER OWN STYLE.

– Stuti


When things get complicated,
As they most often will.
When ideas don’t work,
And you wait until.

When smiles are sad,
And still the face is bright.
When sadness is well hidden,
But still doesn’t hide the plight.

When trying doesn’t stop,
‘Coz when it does, disaster it will be.
Simply look forward to luminescence,
Leading to light, happy, success, and smiles SANS PERFUNCTORY.


– Stuti