All at once.

All at once,
Too many things on her mind,
Myriad thoughts not in a pattern in particular?

All at once,
She couldn’t separate one thought from another,
She was confused so much wow?!

All at once,
There was too much happening,
One after another, next one even before the previous?

All at once,
There were simultaneous smiles and tears,
Both for happy, both for sad?!

All at once,
There were people, and there weren’t any,
Was she losing track of the counting?

All at once,
There were too many questions,
Why couldn’t she answer them, when she knew the answers really?

All at once,
There were too many voices,
Or could she now hear the whispers too?

All at once.
All at once.

– Stuti


An eerie silence.

Starry eyed,
She smiled and gaped.
It wasn’t new,
But it wasn’t old too.

She liked that it happened,
But wasn’t sure it really did.
She wanted a discussion-
No, a monologue was what it was to be.

She then spoke and spoke,
And went on till naught.
But suddenly stopped speaking,
Did not speak then, a woman distraught.

She hasn’t spoken since,
They all wonder why.
An eerie silence?

– Stuti

Her friends. Her family.

She wanted to be happy for her,
But something somewhere stopped her.
She wanted to be dancing with her,
But something somewhere didn’t let her.

She instead wanted to sit down in a corner,
Unaware of her own self.
She instead wanted to loose herself,
And then make a plan to find herself back.

But they pulled her out of it,
All of them together.
And they made her smile at life,
Her friends. Her family. They couldn’t let her SHATTER.

– Stuti

Those two.

Their interests different,
Yet when they smiled, it felt everything matched.
Their understanding different,
Yet their maturities somehow matched.

One of them was never wrong,
The other was always right.
One of them never cried,
The other, only smiled.

They both complimented each other so well,
It was too good to be true.
Perfect they were, however they were,
Their smiles, their interests, their understanding, THOSE TWO.

– Stuti

All at the same time.

Sitting by the roadside,
She saw the many city lights stare at her.
Funny as it was, but instead of making her twitch,
They gave her comfort.

For the city had made her comfortable with the noise,
And the havoc no longer made her panic.
For the city had dried her tears,
And the pain seemed just a dramatic gimmick.

What was paradoxical rather,
Was that she had learnt to find her peace in the loud noise.
She now knew how to lose herself in one moment and come back in the next,
Smiling, frowning, struggling to make sense, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

– Stuti


She saw it fading away in the so many lights,
She saw it rusting away in the so many seasons.
She smiled and tried to hide her disappointment at the change,
She tried to cry on the sadness and the pain.

Every moment had a story behind it,
She had lived the stories, from the scratch to the terminus.
Every moon had a star behind it,
She had waited so long, it had ached her, it had plucked.

The friendly banter had all ended now,
It was some sort of serious business it seemed.
They had so laughed at it when it was happening,
Party over, everybody gone, it’s seemed spooky serene.

She looks back at the party days, tears in her eyes,
She twirls, she twists, remembering all the smiles.
What is left now, are memories and memoirs,
She has enjoyed while it was, will she now live only in QUIET?

– Stuti