She saw it fading away in the so many lights,
She saw it rusting away in the so many seasons.
She smiled and tried to hide her disappointment at the change,
She tried to cry on the sadness and the pain.

Every moment had a story behind it,
She had lived the stories, from the scratch to the terminus.
Every moon had a star behind it,
She had waited so long, it had ached her, it had plucked.

The friendly banter had all ended now,
It was some sort of serious business it seemed.
They had so laughed at it when it was happening,
Party over, everybody gone, it’s seemed spooky serene.

She looks back at the party days, tears in her eyes,
She twirls, she twists, remembering all the smiles.
What is left now, are memories and memoirs,
She has enjoyed while it was, will she now live only in QUIET?

– Stuti


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