A smile.

The woods so pretty,
The city traffic ruckus.
The faint smell of fresh flowers,
Some grit, some city dust.

The high rising waves,
As if wanting to make a conversation with the moon.
A traffic light jumped,
A green light turning red, a little too soon.

She loves it at both these places,
She’s lived it both- small and grand.
The woods, the city, the lights,
Some owned, some hired, some calculated, some unplanned.

Some phases swallowed her a bit,
And it was an effort to bounce back, but she did.
That thing though, that makes her survive and enjoy it all,
Is ‘SMILE’- a blessing plain and simple, NO WIT!

– Stuti


6 thoughts on “A smile.

      • Uhoh! I missed the comment..

        That’s because I know quite a few single and working women who are away from their homes and I have an idea about the situations they face and all their homesickness. But at the same time they find the city attractive for the promise it brings along and the sense of freedom it entails. And if they were ever asked to choose between the life back home and their work life in a different city,they feel both the lives are so much a part of their person, they just wouldn’t choose one over the other. They find beauty and reasons to smile in what the city has to offer. I don’t know, I could be wrong but the poem sure made me think like that 🙂

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