Blue,  the colour of fantasy,
Albeit a pink for some.
Blue, the water, crystal clear,
Albeit the not-so-blue one.

The sky a blue, or bluish black maybe,
It’s all out there, and wide, so wide.
And blue is that patch of glue,
She accidentally but happily, spurted  on the aisle 😉

He likes the blue, and she likes it for him,
He wants his walls blue, and so she blue- tints all the glass around them.
She but hates the other blues, and so he handles them for her,
His happy blues, her not-so-happy ones.

Blue is a colour, not once does he think beyond that,
She but works all around it, though not many times deliberating at that!
And so they knit their story blue- his colour, her situation,
A common thread in the love, a reason for no reason, and yet reasons UNSPOKEN.

– Stuti


The surreal.

Then one day,
In a dim star- lit sky.
It dawned on her that it was all silver around,
And her eyes lit up at the brilliance.

So grand was the light,
That her eyes seemed loud and all white,
And the silver seemed a little bland,
But all colors still had a shine.

She smiled, and laughed,
And made it a big deal.
She joined the celebrations of creating history,
Cheering out loud, not one moment without an exuberating zeal.

So well planned was the everything,
That the setting began to feel perfect and real.
And only when the party ended, did it dawn on her,
That the silver was only in bargain of gold, a step down from the happy,
An entry into the SURREAL!!

– Stuti

Only when you do.

And while there was light and bright all around,
And glitter and shimmer too,
The moon up there felt a little lonely.

For it was only its territory,
To light up the dark skies each night,
And bring light and hope to those lost on the roads.

So it looked around for signs of the old days,
Still full of its light and brilliance,
And still ready to show off its beauty to the admirers.

When suddenly, it noticed a couple down there,
Enjoying a simple date under the moon lit sky, smiling and lost in beautiful thoughts,
Moon- light gleaming in their eyes, and light tears of happiness just around there.

Only then did it dawn that there will always be some extra light and fancy all around,
But you must shine no matter,
For it will nonetheless matter to a few, who smile ONLY WHEN YOU DO!

– Stuti