A beginning and the end.

A thought for all to ponder on today. Your thoughts on this are most welcome 🙂

All’s well, that ends well, but does it? Does the sequence of events in the middle of ‘the beginning’ and ‘the end’, really not matter? I think they do. In fact, I don’t like endings! Am I a fan of beginnings then? No, not particularly. But I like to enjoy whats happening in that sweet and salty phase spanning right after beginning, and just before the end. For, that is when you have the liberty and power to model that clay to your fancy, then break it again and model it again to experiment (until you secretly approach ‘the end’). Does it then mean that ‘the beginning’ can happen only once? I submit my answer to this as a firm ‘no’! A beginning can happen wherever you wish for it to happen. Just get to the point, set your foot firm there, and put up a placard declaring ‘I begin’! It will not, and should not kill your ego to declare that you are just a beginner, in fact whatever be the age, you will feel young once again, and what will follow will be that lovely phase of getting things rolling. Some may argue that endings are important too. Again, I couldn’t deny that, because aren’t you entitled to your sweet opinion too? Here you will complain that I’m being diplomatic in my argument and writing, but here’s the deal, if I do not support the cause of a beginning and an ending, how will I love what’s in the middle of these two milestones?  😉

Not trying to confuse you,
Stuti 🙂


5 thoughts on “A beginning and the end.

  1. Certain things you don’t want to end..be it good or bad..for eg the lovely aroma of your favorite dish..the fragrance of a flower..or for that matter a debt scheme from a bank which allows you to buy that iPhone..

    Certain things you don’t want to start..for ex a war..regardless of whether it has chances to end in your favor..

    There are certain things for which the chain of events leading to the end just doesn’t matter..you lose a match..you fail to win that contract for your company..its just the result that matters.

    However, if you observe, all above examples are relative in nature. Losing is good for some (Pacquiao still made millions; AAP still came to power, winning sympathy votes), winning is bad for some (Venus and Serena hate playing against each other). Matter of perspective, what’s important to you.

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