Extraordinarily normal pls?

In an extraordinary scenario, the sun would be bright on the foggy white winter days. Every fruit bearing tree will have a perfect yield and no crop would be destroyed or damaged. There would be no disease in the society and ill feelings would be a muse. Everybody would be happy and content, and fighting, or even picking up the slightest of an argument would be unacceptable, to say the least.

On a normal day, the sun will be there up in the sky, but hidden by the white fog. Some fruit bearing trees will have been destroyed by a pest, and others will give a good yield. Some disease would sure be there in the society, but that would mean rewarding those that discover or invent a cure for the disease. Ill feelings would exist, only for those that do wrong. Happiness and contentedness would be a routine, but there will also be a roadblock or two of unhappy moments. Fighting and picking up arguments in the heat of the moment would be common place, given the human temperament of being impatient and expecting more than deserved.

An objective analysis of the above two situations boils the difference down to two words only- “extraordinary” and “normal”. Each day in our routines, we tend to categorise our everything into extraordinary and normal without knowing the exact definition or components of either. There being no SI unit of measuring the level of normalcy in something, the concepts are in fact, very subjective. And yet we tend to give so much importance to these opinions of our head! We let our judgment of the day as being normal or extraordinary spoil our moods, spirits and tempo altogether. We let these temperaments have an impression on our work and actions, and finally, we let these two topple the whole natural consequence of things and term them ‘unexpected’.

My two cents? Get the best of both the worlds and create magic! Define your own ‘normal’, but don’t be harsh, and push yourself to be the ‘extraordinary’ you define, but if not achieved, do not punish yourself for it was all your own creation after all 😉 Take the opportunity to revise the ‘normal’ and ‘extraordinary’ every now and then. Gracefully help others to meet their ‘normal’ and ‘extraordinary’ levels. And finally, juggle your ‘normal’ and ‘extraordinary’ and get the better of them to be your true, sparkling ‘most extraordinaryself!

– Stuti