Christmas Party.

It’s Christmas again, and just a week to the new year then. Like every 31st December, this one too will see new promises, fresh resolutions, sparkling reasons for motivation, and creative solutions to dodge them all J  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year everybody! May the warmth of the merriment bring happy glow to your faces and lives.. Cheers!!

Long queues for the entry,

Couples fighting for a pass,

Theme parties, red and white overload,

Countdowns, music, midnight past.


Some lose track of what they are celebrating,

Some hope to lose track.

For some, the celebration is a rule- breaker,

To their monotony, a welcome hack.


She too has a somewhere to go this year,

Call it a celebration, whatever. No long queues there,

She’s promised its going to be refreshing too-

A little tête-à-tête with her heart, an affair rare, a CONVERSATION TRUE.


– Stuti