That day Anita came back from school, all drenched in sweat, and with a face matching the red that her eyes were, and ran straight to her room. Her mother, imagining the worst but hoping that it wasn’t so, customarily laid down the table with Anita’s close- to- favorite dishes, for lunch.

Ten minutes later, a cleaner Anita appeared at the lunch table, washed and scrubbed in a white cotton dress now, as if having made truce with whatever it was, that had happened in the first half that day. They both sat down for lunch, and silently started eating. The mother patiently (though getting a little impatient with the each passing minute) waited for an explanation to the latest events, but Anita gave none. Exactly ten minutes later, Anita finished her lunch and headed back to her room, not a word exchanged since her return from school. Now the mother knew that something was seriously wrong, when the usually chatty Anita had not spoken a single word in the last one hour since her return from school. On a paper, she scribbled a note and slid it under Anita’s door, and went for her afternoon nap.

The evening saw Anita running out for her play time, a jolly and happy girl, as if nothing at all had happened to disturb her. Later in the day she had discussed it all with her mother, sorted out the unhappy, and started yet another eventful challenging next day.

Today, when Anita is now a young entrepreneur with lots of things to scare her and tire her zeal, all she does is read that note her ma had slid under the door that day(now framed on her wall) and re-gains her strength:

“Life doesn’t happen on its own, whatever it is that bothers you today, is either a consequence of your letting it happen, or of your letting something else happen. Whatever it is, take ownership, fight it back, and be the promising strong lady I am raising you to be ~ Always there to hear you, Ma”

– Stuti


your chance to express(edD)

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