The Stall.

Black, brown, shades of blue,
Purple, yellow, all mixed in a glue,
That maze of rainbow, so bright and shiny,
I know, now you can see it too.

A tremble, a sigh, a jolt very hard,
A gasp, a pat, those feelings so soft.
A thump, a slap, a mush of snow,
I know, you just felt all those too.

A rhyme, some rhythm, a tune, some humming,
A twirl, a twist and half a skip,
The miss of a beat, a wink, a blush,
I know, you feel your cheeks warm too.

A maze, a mess, sometimes both,

A road to glory, with roadblocks a-load.

All get them, they get them all,
This party of nuances always WORTH THE STALL!





your chance to express(edD)

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