They though.

She was a mess (or so she thought?)-

Occupied, with the day to day hassles of nothing,

Oblivious, of her surroundings and chatter,

Overwhelmed, with the raging speed of her life,

Certain, that she had lost control and caught in the whirlpool around her!


They though,-

Smiled, even with an unannounced storm in their backyard every other day,

Cheered for her, even with raw throats and bigger agendas to chase,

Led her way, even with pounds of baggage tied to each of their legs,

Maestro-ed, their life, even with a bigger whirlpool around them!


This story, been told in many different words time and again,

Yet generations have seen the truth in it all the time.

They- her parents.

She- their DAUGHTER.





your chance to express(edD)

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