About expressedD

Dear Reader,

Welcome! As I thank each of you for visiting this page, I also take the opportunity of explaining my Blog.

The author of this blog wishes to call herself an Expression-ist. Her idea behind this blog is the multiplicity of expressions used world over to express and yet, each very brilliant in its own manner. From the little baby holding out his hand to ask for support being the subtle-est of expression, to the outlandish painting in a drawing room expressing the feelings of the artist, all are expressions. With no standard definition in my view, expression is the most broad aspect gifted to a living being. A sunflower expresses by turning itself towards the sun, a leaf expresses tiredness by crumpling and drying away, a dancer expresses usingĀ mudras, a painter using paints and I express using words.

This being my idea, I present to you, my blog ExpressedD..

May all of my readers find their way to go out and Express!!