New year resolutions.

She drafted THE MOST perfect resolutions,
Learnt them up, and then re-learnt them.
She recited them to herself everyday from the 28th of December to the 31st,
And vowed to implement them all right from the January 1st.

Realistic resolutions as much as they were,
There still remained some element of fiction in them.
But ignoring the element, in fact calling it the fun part,
She adopted the resolutions now etched in her heart.

Week One, she followed them all to the letter,
Week two, ditto week one.
Week three, some falter seen and felt,
Week four, the lapse mended and dealt.

Next month, the resolutions seemed too much to keep,
So she mellowed them down a bit.
Month three, the resolutions began to lose their meaning,
Last December, when writing her resolutions, it seemed she was dreaming!

It was a plan she’d planned to plan the next year well,
A strategy so the ends of everything were ideal.
But now she’d forgotten everything about it,
And life seemed in an even better fit 😉

Come December 2013, she once again made a resolution,
This time, to not repeat the drill of 2012.
This year she celebrates spontaneity, mixed with emotions and decorated with smiles,
She now sees that life as it is, is best lived in the moment, forgetting the phases when it wasn’t SO BRIGHT.

Happy New Year!!