All at once.

All at once,
Too many things on her mind,
Myriad thoughts not in a pattern in particular?

All at once,
She couldn’t separate one thought from another,
She was confused so much wow?!

All at once,
There was too much happening,
One after another, next one even before the previous?

All at once,
There were simultaneous smiles and tears,
Both for happy, both for sad?!

All at once,
There were people, and there weren’t any,
Was she losing track of the counting?

All at once,
There were too many questions,
Why couldn’t she answer them, when she knew the answers really?

All at once,
There were too many voices,
Or could she now hear the whispers too?

All at once.
All at once.

– Stuti



A garden full of swings,
Some, high, some low, some only bling,
Yet all give joy to the child,
Who taught him to like this? Who taught him?

A shake full of strawberries, very pink.
A shake full of chocolate, very brown.
Who taught it to be dark?
Who taught it to be pink?

The boy with the brown hat,
The girl with the red sash,
Who taught them to be proud so much?
To ignore the smalls?

So many questions, no answers at all.
Answers all obvious, staring at us tall.
Yet questions we ask, yet answers we want,
I refuse to say anything, I choose to stay MUM.


An answer different

So many people-
All in different situations in life
Yet uniting in at least one or the other ways.
Their charm unique, each with their own aura,
Their life, unknowingly intertwining with one another
They live in this world anyway.
So much so that you never even know
if the person next to you in a bus could be someone you’ll adore!!

These people so varying in their manners and habits,
Charm her each minute.
There varieties in their practice,
They itch her with something in it.

She looks at the road and asks herself the reason of the gravel,
She looks at the sun and asks herself the reason of the yellow.
She breathes in the air and questions to herself the mystery of the peace,
She wonders at her life and gapes at its mellow.

The brights and dulls,
The shadows, the mulls,
The pinks, the purples,
As if ask her questions-
She is asked, she replies,
On facts she relies,

But only some day does she hope to give an answer that she feels does not comply,
With rules, with protocols, with treaties and all the laws,
An answer to these and to all other others,
Without any fear, and not in black and white,
NO not in any ink and yet millions of minds it should IGNITE.



She couldn’t remember which day of the week it was,
But she remembered the month.
She couldn’t remember what time it was,
But she remembered how much had passed.
Her heart parched, she thought of her days bygone,
Her soul scratched, she thought of the time that was once her own.
With open eyes she saw the reel of her past,
When she closed her eyes all she saw was pitch dark.
My girl today was very very confused,
She wanted the clarity of a crystal.
She felt like a mouse trapped in a maze,
Running from one end to another but still life remained dismal.
She wanted answers from her life today,
For only answers could now provide her peace.
And answers were what could make her see a light,
Which alone could put her at EASE.