She learnt a new word every single day,
But today was different in a different way.
She played time all the time,
And now time seemed to have strung a chime.

The coordinated notes of life and world,
Unplanned roads, no story unheard.
A leaf so green, it looked pale now,
An answer so obvious, with no question, oh how!

So many colours, the rainbow seemed confused,
She picked a colour, though they all missed the classic hues.
She looked left, then right, and danced the road,
Not realising in the slight, that she carried but some load.

What added zing though, and some angle too,
Was a hope, a story, a reality – blessed and true.
Life is a melodrama, with notes high, low, and fake all at once,
To dance to them, and not shy away, is the trick, a choice, a NOTEWORTHY NUANCE.



Her friends. Her family.

She wanted to be happy for her,
But something somewhere stopped her.
She wanted to be dancing with her,
But something somewhere didn’t let her.

She instead wanted to sit down in a corner,
Unaware of her own self.
She instead wanted to loose herself,
And then make a plan to find herself back.

But they pulled her out of it,
All of them together.
And they made her smile at life,
Her friends. Her family. They couldn’t let her SHATTER.

– Stuti


She stifled for reasons unknown
Her heart sang some song in a non- chalant tone
She wanted to sing, she wanted to dance
Her throat refused to co- operate, her legs did not give her a chance

She was happy that day,
For reasons mysterious
She was jolly that day
For which she had reasons of her own.

But as she danced, she was reminded of someone
But as she sang, she was reminded of that one
These people had broken her heart time and again
These people did not matter to her, but still managed to give her pain.

So, she talked, she talked, she talked some more
And gradually it turned into a whisper, a whimper and then nothing more
Her ideas, her pen, her stories untold
Her pain, her shallowness, and fears UNKNOWN.