The Last Evening.

It was the year a lot had happened
But she’d forgotten to maintain its accounts.
It was the year she’d vowed she’d end happy,
But she wasn’t keeping tabs.

2013 came, and went by just like that,
Adding another yester- year,
Adding another jingle to the memory,
Adding another chapter to the life story.

A lot had been achieved,
And yet so much more was up for grabs.
A lot had been missed,
And yet her achievements had received many claps.

Now she decided not to plan the next year,
She wanted it all spontaneous.
All surprises, no structure,
But milestones nonetheless, for these were the NECESSARY OBVIOUS.

– Stuti


The old table.

An evening to remember
A memory to cherish
A smile, a wink
All as if blurred in a blink.

Those jokes leaving an after taste
Those funny moments, and moments with zero weight
Explanations ridiculous all
Meaningless banter, claims- drunk and tall.

Coffee, sandwiches, chips and shots
Gossips, rumors, make believe plots
Fantasies ahoy! And plans many
Intentions shady, yet consequences seemingly sunny.

She was sitting with her group at their old table
The one in the nooky corner
Wood chipping, scribbling all over
Life years later, more settled not calmer.

Old friends sitting all over again
Reminiscing old times and people
Unlike those days, none had much to say
Counting their words, so they could, and not just may.

Life goes on, and so do cafès
A group today and tomorrow new again
What stays though, is timeless & strong