The salt of the streaming tears,
Still remained on her face.
The wet of those tears,
Still dampened her stole.

And quite paradoxical to this all,
She hadn’t even cried that day.
It was only her soul all scathed,
That made her feel weak, and hurt.

As if taking a hint from around,
Life had suddenly decided to be cold and harsh.
No background, no past,
The present seemed gloomy, stung her heart.

Slowing down now, she took a deep breath,
Not quite knowing what to do next.
She closed her eyes, and sighing heavily, silently prayed for peace.
She hoped for comfort in this brazen winter- like hiccup tease.

But somewhere in her heart, and out of the corner of her eye,
She could already see a tiny ray of happiness- like warmth,
Making its way into this period of hiccup, promising to bring back the good times,
As it gave her solace, that she had gently once again, started her BEING – OPTIMISTIC STRIDE.




An eye,
Too small to contain a tear.
A hand,
Too shaky to guide her anywhere.

A promise,
Tall and tough to keep.
A feeling,
Suppressed, and loud, yet steep.

Her life,
A road of rocky hills.
But then all lives,
Hilly, and rocky and built to kill.

All perceptions,
Leading to different conclusions.
The eye, the hand, the promise, the feeling,
All meant to make her shine, but today only a DELUSIONARY DIVERSION.


the black rain!

She wore a black dress and a black mascara that day,

And applied a heavy layer of jet black kohl.

She wanted to hide her pain behind a colour that day,

and give some relief to her soul.

She happily stepped out then in her high black heels,

She looked nice and pretty today, her smile better than she herself and whole.

She wished everybody on the way that day,

and felt happy when she heard a little girl on the road squeal.

And then as if to give her company, the sky suddenly turned dark and black,

It very suddenly started thundering and raining, it suddenly became sad.

She had nowhere to run to and protect her from this downpour,

So she looked up and closed her eyes, and let her soul drown,

So in the heavy rain, the merciless pain just started showing itself,

For her pain the black could hide, but the rain chose to wash and be shown.

With the water, the black trickled down,

And in the end there was left behind, only a pain and a rather merciless FROWN.