That face.

Hiding her face from a million eyes in the crowd,
She looks for that one face she has in her mind.
The picture in her head, she wipes a tear from her eyes,
As she silently surrenders, on not being able to find the one.

Two twinkling eyes calling out to her,
With emotions running high and low.
She sees it all on that face in her head,
Not knowing what to do next, not knowing what to know.

When suddenly she finds that face, staring back at her,
Not at all running away, in fact moving only when she herself does,
And then she turns around as somebody, she thinks he, calls out for her,
The face gone again, she smiles at how she looks today. THE SEARCH IS OVER.

– Stuti


A twinkle in her eyes.

She picked her suitcase,
And walked some miles.
Memories packed in there,
Some music, some smiles.

When at the airport, as she opened her diary to write,
Her pen refused to scribble, her words seemingly in a block.
She closed her eyes for some time,
Light tears in her eyes, time taking stock.

He walked to her and asked if all was okay,
She stared at him, as his eyes made her shy.
She opened her mouth to answer that question,
And shut it the next second, wondering about the stranger and his why.

She walked away with her luggage and her book all too suddenly,
Leaving him with his question and bewilderment.
That man with his concerns and genuineness,
That lady with her suspicions, and a TWINKLE IN HER EYES 😉

– Stuti

Stopped caring.

She questions what she sees,
Believing it too.
She believes what she questions,
Trying not to.

She’s a little stuck with her thoughts,
Haywire yet sensible, and distraught.
She looks up, then swivels her eyes,
Disguising her opinion, hiding her plight.

They call her opinionated,
They say she judges all the time.
Well, she’s only trying to figure out by experimenting, so let her be.
And she’s only happy ever since she STOPPED CARING.

– Stuti

No win.

I make an effort,
I would have made two.
You made no effort,
Your effort would have been good too.

I close my eyes,
I wish for good.
I prayed out loud,
When alone I stood.

They cursed me,
They were bad to me.
I could not neglect them,
I was not so free.

Now I stop the feeling from sinking in,
My head but feels heavy.
I only want to walk by the sea,
Only breathe, I don’t want to WIN.


Black Kohl.

Her eyes black kohl laden,
She dreamt but her dreams were black.
She tried to wipe the soot away,
But it stuck there, there in the deep black shack.

She didn’t know how to wipe the colour,
She didn’t know how to keep it,
She knew it had to go but,
The black too dense and bleak-ed.

Next day she did not apply the black,
She put some brown instead.
Surprising as this was,
At day ending, it turned black and dead.

She tried to understand the significance of this black,
A black blacker than black it was.
When finally she understood it (or so she thought),
The purpose of the black was to make the other colours SHOW.



There was pain in her eyes,
But no one could see it.
There was pain in her thoughts,
But no one could feel it.

She stared at the people around her,
Muzzling like a million bees at once.
She stared into the space around her,
Suddenly making her feet cold.
She found herself in a precarious position,
And feeling weak at the drop of a hat.
She felt betrayed but as if for no reason,
And knew there was no reason to be glad.
Overwhelmed, she wanted to cry,
But could not really.
Emotionally deflated, she wanted peace,
But could not find it really.

She trembled at the thought of smile,
Yes, that much did it scare her.
She shivered at the thought of joy,
A wonder, the thought could even strike her.

So instead she chose to close her eyes,
And imagine happiness, contentment and peace.
Because really only there and there alone,
Did the concept exist, did she feel comfortable, did she feel AT EASE.