She fears the stars,
For they are too bright for her eyes.
She fears the moon,
For it seems too calm to be true.

She fears the smile on her lips,
For it means happiness, and joy.
She fears tears in her eyes,
For they said, it means unhappy notes.

She fears death,
For they would be gone forever after that.
She fears birth too,
For they will be competition and responsibility soon.

She fears beauty,
For it can fool the world.
She fears the not- so- beautiful,
For they do not see the beautiful in themselves.

So she fears this, and she fears that,
She fights it all, pacifies her heart.
She’s told that fear’s no big, its all only in the head,
Yet she fears fear, hoping that she FARES WELL.

– Stuti


Emotions pickled.

She feels like a bird ready to fly,
Low or high, only fly.
She feels like a baby, innocent and sweet,
Emotions whatever, ready to weep.

She smiles, she beams,
Not sure why.
Or maybe she knows the reason,
Owning up makes her shy.

A thousand emotions at once,
She is thankful they exist.
Emotional tussles, salad of puns,
They envelope her all, cannot resist.

Fear, love, anger, joy,
Trust, attachment, sadness, surprise.
Emotions pickled that make expression comfortable,
Lest life bland, a difficult to understand PREMISE.

– Stuti

Laughing & Crying.

Fear of the unknown,
And knowledge of it killed her joy.
She knew what was approaching,
Given it all, all seemed a lie.

Laughter all around,
Artificial did it all seem.
Not an iota of genuineness,
It only sounded like some hollow scream.

And yet in this background,
She could hear some silent whisper- like sobbing.
Not too sure of what it was,
She tried to ignore this subtle hammering.

And yet after several attempts of trying to ignore it all,
When she could not so do,
She probed in further, shocking her shock,
For it was she herself, who was laughing on herself, and surprisingly, CRYING TOO!!