A feeling new
A feeling of new
Something that scared her
With each minute confusion grew.

Was she happy?
She didn’t know
Scared but
She was for sure

She could dance
But for no reason
Smile wide
With nothing particular in vision

Her head spinned each minute
With ideas so many
Too many things to deliberate
She could not concentrate on any

The feeling new
The feeling of the new
She felt good today
And prayed for many such more TOO.



Dots connected…

A memory, a fairy tale
A thought process, a wish.
A hope, a despair,
The ecstasy, a bliss.

A girl, so pretty,
A feeling, so deep.
An idea, a nitty gritty,
Two tickets, one empty seat.

A prayer, so silent,
Yet wishes, each true.
The plight, so painful,
Each soul, paying his dues.

A friend, a listener,
His patience, a virtue.
Advice, so simple
And rules, bind you.

These words, little random,
But intention, rightly aligned.
Trust me, all dots connected,
One’ll get a story very very FINE.