Her friends. Her family.

She wanted to be happy for her,
But something somewhere stopped her.
She wanted to be dancing with her,
But something somewhere didn’t let her.

She instead wanted to sit down in a corner,
Unaware of her own self.
She instead wanted to loose herself,
And then make a plan to find herself back.

But they pulled her out of it,
All of them together.
And they made her smile at life,
Her friends. Her family. They couldn’t let her SHATTER.

– Stuti


Warring ends.

It was in her nature,
Her nature it was.
She smiled wide and felt it too,
Warmth, affections, happiness tossed.

She said what she meant,
Being meaningful about it.
Her genuineness, no attempt,
She was blessed to live this.

Only some things made life weird at times-
Foes, friends, strangers, surroundings.
She found it tough to tackle these, leaving her in distress,
Not being able to get past them, firefighting,  at WARRING ENDS.


Twisted affairs.

Dreaming about it,
And then reaching there too.
Working for it,
Until the achievement becomes true.

She called them all-
Twisted affairs of luck.
Clashing, clinking, rattling along,
Each time acting hero, being a pluck.

Yet friends come along,
Making it all comfortable.
And also being the sole reason
Of discomfort, small talk, subtle battles, emotional tussle.

Calling this mess ‘salted bananas’,
She wishes she can put her mind to rest.
For thinking about it all is too much pressure,
Especially when facing them is a reason for ENOUGH STRESS.

– Stuti

The old table.

An evening to remember
A memory to cherish
A smile, a wink
All as if blurred in a blink.

Those jokes leaving an after taste
Those funny moments, and moments with zero weight
Explanations ridiculous all
Meaningless banter, claims- drunk and tall.

Coffee, sandwiches, chips and shots
Gossips, rumors, make believe plots
Fantasies ahoy! And plans many
Intentions shady, yet consequences seemingly sunny.

She was sitting with her group at their old table
The one in the nooky corner
Wood chipping, scribbling all over
Life years later, more settled not calmer.

Old friends sitting all over again
Reminiscing old times and people
Unlike those days, none had much to say
Counting their words, so they could, and not just may.

Life goes on, and so do cafès
A group today and tomorrow new again
What stays though, is timeless & strong