Expressedd- now 1000 visits old!!

Dear Readers,

It takes the performer as well as the audience to make the show a win!! Today as this blog crosses a 1000 views in just about 2 months, I can’t thank the readers enough for making it happen. It is indeed heartening to see viewers from all parts of the world visiting my blog and enjoying the expressions I express in and sometimes leaving their thoughts behind in the form of comments.

The distant blogger whose blog I was in awe of, the old grandma who started her blog only to teach cooking, the bored mom who finds pleasure in blogging while she takes care of her children, and many other bloggers inspired by the littles of their lives, have visited my blog and inspired me more to write, to express.

So thank you all for making my blog reach its MAGIC NUMBER 1000

Keep reading (not to forget, keep expressing too 🙂 coz each expression matters!!


Stuti (the expression-ist)