New year resolutions.

She drafted THE MOST perfect resolutions,
Learnt them up, and then re-learnt them.
She recited them to herself everyday from the 28th of December to the 31st,
And vowed to implement them all right from the January 1st.

Realistic resolutions as much as they were,
There still remained some element of fiction in them.
But ignoring the element, in fact calling it the fun part,
She adopted the resolutions now etched in her heart.

Week One, she followed them all to the letter,
Week two, ditto week one.
Week three, some falter seen and felt,
Week four, the lapse mended and dealt.

Next month, the resolutions seemed too much to keep,
So she mellowed them down a bit.
Month three, the resolutions began to lose their meaning,
Last December, when writing her resolutions, it seemed she was dreaming!

It was a plan she’d planned to plan the next year well,
A strategy so the ends of everything were ideal.
But now she’d forgotten everything about it,
And life seemed in an even better fit 😉

Come December 2013, she once again made a resolution,
This time, to not repeat the drill of 2012.
This year she celebrates spontaneity, mixed with emotions and decorated with smiles,
She now sees that life as it is, is best lived in the moment, forgetting the phases when it wasn’t SO BRIGHT.

Happy New Year!!



Heart knew something.

A beaming face,
A beautiful smile.
Little shy, blushing red,
Brightness did it all around spread.

They wondered why but,
It seemed to them to be a first.
They’d seen happy people before,
But this one seemed worthy of the highest score.

So they probed further,
More in the nature of investigating the matter.
What was new? How was this different?
Situation odd, the pretty girl was only content.

Why then, what now?
There didn’t seem to be any answer.
Secretly, her heart knew something though,
Avoiding hiccups, it was the beginning of a process of taking LIFE SLOW.



A last chance.

That moment of joy,
The fun that follows,
The mode of celebration,
Hardly a hint of sorrow.

An air of uncertainty,
Like a string full of knots,
Or maybe a song without notes,
A story with a weak plot.

A lurr, an oversight,
And yet a feeling of unknown fear,
Hearts beating, sometimes too loud,
Experiencing life, all while getting there.

That feeling of love, and being loved,
That feeling of care, and caring too much,
An attempt to attempt, and then attempting again,
A last, and then another last, and yet giving a ‘LAST CHANCE’ AGAIN.



Sometimes when her heart is not at peace,
She doesn’t see reason.
And then at other times, when she doesn’t see reason,
Her heart refuses to be at peace.

As far as reasons go,
There is no black and no white.
And only black and white
Give her reasonableness.

Caught in the web of reasons,
She weighs her options everyday.
Sought in the tasks of everyday,
Her options give her hints for the reasons.

Reasons, options, hints combined,
Her heart skips a beat and her face shines,
She laughs on the many complexities of life,
As the debate on peace and reason is yet again left BEHIND!!


Footprints of my heart..

There far away where the sun shines,
My heart will settle and stay fine.
I may or may not continue to be here,
But my heart, words and footprints shall for forever be left behind.

Effectively my heart still lingers onto memories those,
It is stuck, does not move, will not budge.
But now I hire all the strength in the world,
To push them away, make them go.

And as I pay all the coins I have for this,
I give up my riches and yet become richer.
My poor soul laments in the joy of peace,
But heart sticks onto and pushes for the greeds.

It is hurt, and gruesomely bruised,
My heart sings a song and demands a truce.
It fought like a warrior in times very bad,
It stood like a wall, strong as a dad.

But now it asks for permission to retire, to leave,
It is no so old, yet tired and turning meek.
Where it desired to witness the pinks and reds in life,
It only got blue and green and then turned COLOURLESS.


When she was sad.

She thought she was the one,
The chosen one.
Her world was filled with expectations immeasurable
She smiled to mean the world to someone,
She cried for the same reason too.
But one day she realised she was not the reason to be a reason,
The things she imagined were too good to be true.
Her eyes moist, her smile gone,
She stared at the wall as if looking for an answer.
The thing she thought was hers, was maybe never meant for her.
Her life a mystery to her, she strived to decode it.
Her life a code to her, she strived to solve it.
And there under the bright afternoon sun as she felt the night go dark,
Her teary eyes spake a story breaking her heart.
She opened her mouth as if to say something
Then shut herself up as she stuttered
Something was pinching her in her own self
Something was bothering her and she knew it so she was bothered.
Her hopes which were soaring by the minute,
Were as if stung by a prick.
She walked a mile, but hardly managed to reach anywhere,
She danced all night, but could not manage to let go of this nightmare.
And as the next morning began to approach,
She closed her eyes and fell asleep,
Only to be waken up by a streak of sunlight peeping into her room,
That stung her eyes,
As if to snatch away all the GLOOM.



She stifled for reasons unknown
Her heart sang some song in a non- chalant tone
She wanted to sing, she wanted to dance
Her throat refused to co- operate, her legs did not give her a chance

She was happy that day,
For reasons mysterious
She was jolly that day
For which she had reasons of her own.

But as she danced, she was reminded of someone
But as she sang, she was reminded of that one
These people had broken her heart time and again
These people did not matter to her, but still managed to give her pain.

So, she talked, she talked, she talked some more
And gradually it turned into a whisper, a whimper and then nothing more
Her ideas, her pen, her stories untold
Her pain, her shallowness, and fears UNKNOWN.