A five letter word
With meaning beyond a measure.
A small little word
But meaning deeper than ever.

They want peace
Peace at the border.
I want peace,
Peace with my neighbor.

She wants peace
A peace her own but not too different really.
She yearns for peace,
Peace of love, her soul, her identity.

Peace of living
Peace of being free
A free mind, peaceful as ever,
No disturbance, no mirage, only crystal clarity.

So she builds her story,
With fiction and drama in it.
She builds her world of peace in this story,
And piece by piece, she hopes to nail this peace at least.



A situation.

In a situation,

As a poet, I see the cuteness of it. I see how I can knot the situation in words. I try to back stab the bad of the situation, I look at it and be good to it. I rhyme it with my experience of words. I wrap it in beautiful words and lace it with elegance. I enjoy it all.

As a person but, I am mean once a situation hits me. I try to get back at it with full force. I want to give its bad back to it. I cry once in every while because I’m an easy target. I curse, I’m loud, sometimes I keep mum too, all in my moments of anguish and uneasiness.

As her, I’m lost. I’m betrayed. I’m not a winner. I feel scared. I could do better.

So why discuss this here? Because I draw an analogy.. we all have a bad something, we all do things differently. But then we all also have that one thing we can nonetheless do when we don’t want to be angry. We write, we sing, we dance, we EXPRESS, or some just don’t. So I urge that my readers re- discover, or for first timers, discover their thing. Maybe it will help you bring yourself out of your shell at least for that one bit.

All the best!!


No win.

I make an effort,
I would have made two.
You made no effort,
Your effort would have been good too.

I close my eyes,
I wish for good.
I prayed out loud,
When alone I stood.

They cursed me,
They were bad to me.
I could not neglect them,
I was not so free.

Now I stop the feeling from sinking in,
My head but feels heavy.
I only want to walk by the sea,
Only breathe, I don’t want to WIN.



Situationally yours,
Perhaps not emotionally?
Looking for a perfection,
Perhaps will never get any?

The only antidote
Working away its magic
Is probably the
Hope of better, the high of dreams.

I look out and see the green,
Turn around and face the grey.
Ever wishing it was the other way round,
Still not praying night and day.

Then I think of all the other possibilities
And reminiscence-
In the glory of a good time,
In the hush of a bad past.

And finally when I’m woken up
I shiver and cry a little,
But then I gather up and return to-
My comfort of the sloppy, the alone, the pride, the NOTHING.


Judge much?

All of us wish we weren’t judged for everything we do. At new jobs, with new people, new friends, new places, new relations, new anything and new everything- the one hope we have is that we will not be judged before we are able to show our best. And we hope that we are not judged when we are at our worst or in one of our bad times and situations.

Our hope and planning justified, we ( & I) forget these rules when we find new people in our old situations. My old friend’s new place, his new girl, his new office, his new stories- I judge them all inspite of knowing the ‘No- Judging’ Rule by heart. I conveniently forget the rule when I see a girl with smudged kajal walking down the street and start judging her out of inquisitiveness. I don’t care about the rule when a new tenant moves into my neighborhood and I make him uncomfortable by judging his behavior in the new surroundings. I ambush the very foundation of the rule when I take an interview and start judging as soon as I only see the name on the paper. This brings me to the theme here- “Care for me, though I may not so much care to care!”

It is always very easy to hold high expectations from your dear ones and in most situations, even from the strangest of the strangers. But somehow we forget that we are strangers to others too, and we are expected a certain behavior of too. This means, where no one can walk over our rights and joys without knowing us, neither do we have the right or reason to tread on other people’s littles just for fun! If you can’t care and don’t wish to account for any tear of the stranger, make an effort not to let yourself become the reason of their tears, not even one. Don’t judge pre maturely, don’t act before you are asked to, unless you are ready to take the responsibility of the consequences and most importantly, take care of all the Don’t s. No one will teach you each Don’t and yet, you can’t ignore them lest you become a victim yourself.

Learning from lessons may be the right way of learning in life, but it is also a hard hitting way all the same. Let life teach you when it wants and at other times, be a teacher yourself. Ensure you are not chased by life to swallow something you dislike for yourself. This makes the world a better place for me (a victim of unnecessary judgment) and you (also a victim of judging eyes!!).


Diwali – Diyas & Lights.

As the winter fog envelopes our lives even before Diwali this year, may the lamps this festival bring clarity in thoughts, perception, ideas and life. A little poem dedicated to the festive spirit, read on and spread the joy.


The diwali diyas at Diwali Celebrations at Ban...

Her mind in dilemma, she encountered questions many,

Her heart in pain, she thought of answers many.

She looked outside the window,

And saw the city draped in lights.

Her heart lit up inside,

Her lips had a smile.

The lights pushed the pain away,

At least for the time being.

The bright made her pray and pray

For everybody’s well being.

The girl and I now, wish all

A happy Deepawali

May your life be illumined with joy, smiles and lights,

May your questions always find their answers,

And may you be as happy as CAN BE.

Warm Wishes this season,

Stuti (the Expression-ist)

(P.S. As the festive season sets in in India, and too much festivities to savour, readers can expect a little dwindle in the number of posts this week. Enjoy 🙂 )

Footprints of my heart..

There far away where the sun shines,
My heart will settle and stay fine.
I may or may not continue to be here,
But my heart, words and footprints shall for forever be left behind.

Effectively my heart still lingers onto memories those,
It is stuck, does not move, will not budge.
But now I hire all the strength in the world,
To push them away, make them go.

And as I pay all the coins I have for this,
I give up my riches and yet become richer.
My poor soul laments in the joy of peace,
But heart sticks onto and pushes for the greeds.

It is hurt, and gruesomely bruised,
My heart sings a song and demands a truce.
It fought like a warrior in times very bad,
It stood like a wall, strong as a dad.

But now it asks for permission to retire, to leave,
It is no so old, yet tired and turning meek.
Where it desired to witness the pinks and reds in life,
It only got blue and green and then turned COLOURLESS.


Strength – Weakness

I may take time,
But I’ll reach there some day.
I may not understand your stand today,
But I’m bound to conquer it one day.

Your situation may be my weakness today,
But not for forever.
Your weakness may break my heart today,
But it will kill me never.

For the weakness gives me strength each day,
Breaking yet re-enforcing my faith in life.
For the weakness deflates my swollen my pride each day,
Pushes me back one step, still taking me ahead in time.

There, not probably at the pinnacle of my time,
I don’t see the twists and turns upcoming.
But his strength, today my weakness,
Shall one day be overcomed, before things become BECOMING.