A new new.

Beginnings happen all the time,
And fancy they could be, not all though.
All beginnings but do not end,
Continuing until infinity they go.

For some that begin and end too,
She’s happy more than little.
For some that begin and no end they know,
It has the prick of a million needles.

For beginnings bring joy, and hope,
They set the ball rolling.
But also bring uncertainty and fear,
What if it did not turn out as much as it appeared promising?

She is setting out on this beginning nonetheless this time,
For this one she wants to see the end of.
The new new, the old now new, and the fairy tale new,
Disarrayed now though, seeing it through, she hopes for the LAST LAUGH.

– Stuti


Laughing & Crying.

Fear of the unknown,
And knowledge of it killed her joy.
She knew what was approaching,
Given it all, all seemed a lie.

Laughter all around,
Artificial did it all seem.
Not an iota of genuineness,
It only sounded like some hollow scream.

And yet in this background,
She could hear some silent whisper- like sobbing.
Not too sure of what it was,
She tried to ignore this subtle hammering.

And yet after several attempts of trying to ignore it all,
When she could not so do,
She probed in further, shocking her shock,
For it was she herself, who was laughing on herself, and surprisingly, CRYING TOO!!