Peacefully in love.

One thing, then another,
There’ll always be something,
Where then can one find peace?

She had found her peace though,
In the loudest of things, as lousy as that was,
But that alone gave her solace.

No one had told her the real meaning of ‘peace’ yet,
So she knew the concept only vaguely,
But instinctively interpreted it most aptly. Appropriately.

So to her, noise was peace,
And peace gave her the frame to love,
And love made her a better person. PEACEFULLY IN LOVE.

– Stuti


Wailing loud.

She asked herself a question,
Then a next one, and then one more.

Her curiosity got the better of her,
Her notoriety didn’t do her any good either!!

Then one at a time, she reviewed her thoughts,
And one at a time, she thought about it each.

She listed the pros, the cons she weighed,
She twisted the truths, some lies she sewed.

Then her heart told a story untold,
But her mind did not approve of it.

As the day was big, she shouted out loud,
And then when she shut up, there was eerie silence, no noise, but only wailing LOUD!! .